The Rockville Art League

Chris Luckman

Chris Luckman grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the USA, and is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art. She continued her study of painting at Art New England in Bennington, Vermont, and at the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, Maryland. She exhibits her paintings locally and nationally. She has had a thirty plus year career of teaching and working with children in the arts, including in Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools, and at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. She has traveled widely in Europe, the Americas, North Africa, the Middle East, and China, and is working in several organizations promoting peace and cross cultural understanding. Recently retired, she now maintains a studio in Takoma Park, Maryland.

She makes the following statement about her work:

“My work is an reflection of my personal experiences and perceptions of my surroundings, both here and in my travels; surroundings which I find filled with color and beauty, and the potential for the joy of life. I am one of a growing number of artists who believe in the healing power of art not only for the individual artist, but also for others and for the planet. In this crazy and muddled world with its many out workings of the human condition, we all need a little color and light. Visual expression of the love of life transcends all languages and cultures.

I am a realist painter with a leaning toward abstraction. In my paintings I seek a dynamic interplay of color relationships using good design and composition. I look for the unusual in subject matter, that moment in time that could easily be overlooked. I first begin a painting on location, gathering the information I need to design the composition and record the colors. Then I complete the painting in my studio where I seek inspiration to capture the atmosphere and memory of my experience of the spot, developing the painting into my own personal expression."



DC china
Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C. Li River, China
Argentina Greece
Morning Shadows,Buenos Aires, Argentina Pyrgos Rooftops, Greece